Having a positive attitude isn’t something you just tack on to your old personality. That positiveness isn’t external like a new suit. It comes from deep within you. It has to or it would get wiped out with the first sign of a countervailing negative force. Positiveness is built on having your own positive life philosophy, on knowing what strengths you have, and on surrounding yourself with other sources of positiveness.

How Vulnerable Are You?


In business circles and leadership development programs, the word “vulnerability” has been used a lot lately. It is casually used to describe how those who need to connect with others must first show their human-ness. That is why it is not unusual these days to hear leaders talking about being vulnerable. We all understand, theoretically, that we are supposed to be vulnerable. However, it is rare to actually see leaders openly sharing in those moments when they actually feel vulnerable.

5 Ways to Run a Business From the Road

business from the road

Have you ever thought about traveling the country — or the world — while running your business remotely? You can! Not all digital nomads are freelancers stringing together independent gigs to make ends meet. Many of them are successful business owners, complete with employees, payrolls, and the whole nine yards. These entrepreneurs run their companies from RVs, campers, remote Airbnb rentals, or coffeehouses, often via their smartphones.