[Video] Increase Your Sales Velocity

Our 2018 conference, the Leadership + Talent Development Summit is only 3-weeks away! So this week on Platinum Rules for Success, we look back at our 2015 conference with a very special video presentation of sales speaker Jim Cathcart‘s keynote “Increase Your Sales Velocity”. Jim explains that successful sales is predicated on goal-setting, focus and momentum. Learn how to increase your sales velocity and transform revenues, as we look back at Jim’s insightful keynote, and ahead to our upcoming annual event for coaches and corporate trainers.

Time is running out! Get your tickets now!January 17-19 ✩ Marriott Liberty Station, San Diego CA.

“Leadership is not about managing tasks – it’s about developing people.”

Yet developing people can’t be a “one size fits all” approach. All levels of management must recognize the unique differences between each employee, how they perform best and how to motivate them.

That’s what the Leadership + Talent Development Summit 2018 (LTDS 2018) is all about.

When leaders make talent development a priority, not only do they attract and retain top talent, but it helps shape entire company cultures. Leadership and talent development must be linked to lead to high-performing teams.

LTDS 2018 features world class presentations from hand-picked experts in management, sales, coaching and other topics vital to developing your most important resources – your people and your clients. Learn more!

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