Emotional Intelligence In Conflict Resolution

emotional intelligence during conflict

Using your emotional intelligence in conflict can resolve primary level confrontations and fallout. Likewise, a lack of emotional intelligence (EIQ) self-awareness and focus can result in greater interpersonal conflict. To create achievable and sustainable priorities when working with others, your EIQ’s inner resolution needs to establish what’s truly important and to what degree. Priorities, values, wants and desires need to navigate past our counterproductive tendencies of emotional intelligence during conflict.

Do You Have A Vision?


There has been a lot of discussion and refinement on the notion of “vision” in the past ten years or so. A vision is your picture of a desired state of affairs at some point in the future. A vision provides a way for people to agree on goals and how they will be met. With so much change going on, it has become increasingly more necessary to envision the way we would like things to be. Without a vision, we get lost in the trivia of daily life, or swamped by the feeling of being out of control.



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