How Vulnerable Are You?


In business circles and leadership development programs, the word “vulnerability” has been used a lot lately. It is casually used to describe how those who need to connect with others must first show their human-ness. That is why it is not unusual these days to hear leaders talking about being vulnerable. We all understand, theoretically, that we are supposed to be vulnerable. However, it is rare to actually see leaders openly sharing in those moments when they actually feel vulnerable.

Workplace Education or Workplace Training

workplace education

As any member of today’s workforce knows, an important part of every job requires varying levels of training. In this week’s blog  from the esteemed entrepreneur and quintessential American success story, Nido Qubein, ‘Workplace Education or Workplace Training’, readers will discover the important differences between training your employees (“how to do” something) versus educating them (“how…

Adapt with Personality Styles: Be the Chameleon

personality styles

It’s often said, the constant in today’s world is constant change. As such, our ability to adapt is increasingly important; important in our family life, social life and especially our professional life. Interpersonal adaptability is inherently about identifying, understanding and communicating with different personality styles. Can leaders adapt to the way their teams need to…

Diversity through DISC Styles Adaptability

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Please Understand Me, The Platinum Rule®, and numerous other books talk about the differences in people. Just a few of these differences include regional differences, racial differences, personality differences, ethnic differences, gender differences, and generational differences. The importance of these differences to each and every one of…