How Vulnerable Are You?


In business circles and leadership development programs, the word “vulnerability” has been used a lot lately. It is casually used to describe how those who need to connect with others must first show their human-ness. That is why it is not unusual these days to hear leaders talking about being vulnerable. We all understand, theoretically, that we are supposed to be vulnerable. However, it is rare to actually see leaders openly sharing in those moments when they actually feel vulnerable.

Emotional Intelligence In Conflict Resolution

emotional intelligence during conflict

Using your emotional intelligence in conflict can resolve primary level confrontations and fallout. Likewise, a lack of emotional intelligence (EIQ) self-awareness and focus can result in greater interpersonal conflict. To create achievable and sustainable priorities when working with others, your EIQ’s inner resolution needs to establish what’s truly important and to what degree. Priorities, values, wants and desires need to navigate past our counterproductive tendencies of emotional intelligence during conflict.